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WS-8363HK ( 4” x 3” flash mount )
  • WS-8363HK ( 4” x 3” flash mount )

    Applied with Apple HomeKit.

    Enjoy the convenience of controling turn on and off switch your lights on your smart phone


    • Battery powered with extreme low power consumption to save your cost and minimize wiring hassles.
    • User is easy to install the Frontier Switch without  neutral line requirement.
    • Using Bluetooth low energy technology for simple setup and connection, no hub or gateway is required.



    • Power: Battery AAAx2 (LR03)
    • Output: 1 channel :Volt-free output
                   2 channel :2 separate sets of relay output for controls of 2 lighting devices
    • Output rating: 16 Amp / 250Vac, Tungsten load max. 600 Watts / 250Vac
    • Battery life: 1 year
    • On-Off Control Technology: Touch sensor
    • Embedded with lightning strike protection (LSP)
    • Embedded with electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection
    • LED indicator: BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)& Toutch  signal connection indicating 
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